PEST ALERT: Kudzu Bug Found in Maryland Soybeans!

For the first time ever, we have verified sightings of kudzu bug adults and egg masses on Maryland soybeans. The kudzu bugs were collected in Beltsville, Maryland. Prior to this report, kudzu bugs were never documented on Maryland soybeans. The mild winter may have allowed for increased survival, leading to high numbers in kudzu patches. Typically, we only see high numbers when we scout in the fall. Our previous research suggests this is a pest problem for both the current growing season and next year. If kudzu bugs successfully overwinter in areas adjacent to soybean fields, the bugs may invade any fields regrown with soybean next year. We recommend growers frequently scout for kudzu bugs during the remainder of this year. For more information regarding kudzu bug detection and treatment, please refer to our 'Resources' section and click on 'FAQ.' To report a sighting, see our 'Contact' section.